TNTRC- Nashville Volunteers

Let’s give a warm welcome to our 2012 Tennessee Teens Rock Camp 2012 Nashville Session Directors and Volunteers


Pat Blankenship
YEAH! has been a part of my life for almost 4 years now, and it has been a BLAST! I have served on the Board of Directors, as Chair of the Board of Directors, as the After School Programming Director and as the Theatre Department Director. I generally volunteer for camps in an administrative position and LOVE to run the green room for Showcase! To be asked to serve as a Director for TNTRC is an honor and a privilege! So to all you campers out there, I say, Rock Our World! You can do it!

Lizzie Conner


Nikki Oliff

I have been playing music for what seems like forever and have no plans to stop. I currently sing and play keyboards in a Secret Policeman’s Ball and sing and play accordion in The Hardin Draw.

Dave Cate

Dave Cate is a boy who just wants to be a real puppet like everyone else.

Nancy Sullivan

I’m originally from NJ, 20 minutes outside of NYC, and I have been living in TN for the past 7 years with my husband Danny and our daughter Kate. I work for the Maury County School system and I love being with kids! Kate and I loved attending tnt rock camp last year and look forward to this year!

Alyssa Scheele

A former camper and volunteer of SGRRC, Alyssa is making her first appearance at TNTRC this year. She is a Mathematics and Computer Science double major at Belmont University about to start her junior year. She loves all things nerdy and is super excited about starting The Science of Sound Workshop.

Steve Cross

Steve is a long-time supporter of and volunteer with SGRRC and TNTRC. He’s a musician, DJ, photographer, designer, and science nerd. This year he’s combining science and music into a new workshop called the Science of Music, which he’ll be teaching at TN

David Sullivan

This is Sully’s first year as a volunteer for TNTRC. It took far too long, but Sully now holds a BS degree from MTSU. His band, Red Planet, sound like they’re applying for jobs at NASA. When not making noise, Sully can be found building LEGOs or having lightsaber duels with his son.

David Hardy

I have been playing music for a little over 3 years now, and just love to help people so if you need any help i’m here
Jesse Baker I’m a concert promoter, drummer, and band/tour manager born and raised in Nashville, TN. I book concerts for Marathon Music Works, Exit/In, The End, Springwater, and others as needed. I started playing and booking at 13 years old, so i am extremely excited to work with TNTRC for my second year!!

Eric Farrell

Hi there, my name is Eric. Im 26 years old from mount Juliet tn. Im a singer/songwriter and have been playing guitar for 12 years. I studied at SAE Nashville and also enjoy volunteering at my local animal shelter.

Amber Valentine

Sometimes, Amber Valentine feels like she’s done everything. Band manager music journalist, indie rock intern, music video star, and P.R. gal, Amber grew up in Michigan and now spends most of her days behind a computer, booking shows for bands she loves.

David Kuhn

David was born in Nashville on May 6, 1992 and began playing the guitar when he was twelve years old. Although initially inspired by classic rock, David delved into shred, funk, fusion, and jazz guitar. He just finished his first year at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York.

Colleen Reilly

Guitarist Colleen Reilly is a Nashville native, attended Berklee College of Music and the The University of the Arts in Philadelphia for Guitar performance. Over 9 years of teaching experience, In 2007 She taught guitar at Girls Rock Camp Austin. Currently is playing in a rock band in Nashville

Jeff Zentner

Jeff Zentner is known for his work with the Southern Gothic garage rock trio Creech Holler, as well as for his solo work. Jeff has also appeared on recordings with Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Debbie Harry, Lydia Lunch, Mark Lanegan, Isobel Campbell, and Kid Congo Powers.

Olivia Scibelli

Olivia’s life was changed when her dad gave her a copy of Tori Amos’s “Under The Pink”. Since then she has been a rock and rolling, record collecting, weird girl and never looked back. Thanks Dad. An East Nashville resident, and style lover Olivia spends most of her time playing music with her band Fancytramp and styling the hair of Nashville’s finest eccentrics. This is her third year doing TNTRC and will do it forever and ever fostering the creative ambitions of other weird kids for generations to come!

Zack Murphy

Hey I’m Zack. I like to play drums and Rock N Roll. I’ve played drums for 17 years. I play in a Nashville band, Blackfoot Gypsies. We like to Rock N Roll. I like playing all kinds of music, especially Rock N Roll. If ya wanna know anything else about me, just ask!

Mitch Hansen

Mitch is a music geek. Mitch is also a science nerd. Mitch likes cooking with chemistry, composing with math, and traveling via astronomy. Don’t ask to wear his hat, because Mitch hasn’t discovered the cure for baldness yet. Mitch is one of those guys that makes being weird kinda cool.

Hailey Rowe

Hailey Rowe has been volunteering at Rock n’ Roll camps for 5 sessions now and a veteran camper. She plays drums, guitar, and sings and even had a real band from camp back in high school. Rock camp is her favorite week of the year next to shark week! This is a picture of her new puppy Scout.

Duncan Rowe

Duncan has been playing guitar for 49 years! That makes him kind of old and kind of good at it. This is his second year volunteering and he’s looking forward to teaching advanced guitar again and band managing! Also, his daughter had to write this because he’s too lazy.

Megan Rox

I moved to Nashville a couple years ago from Chicago, where I grew up. I live in East Nashville with my cat (who will be famous after our music video comes out) and husband, Dave. I sing and play keytar in our band, Scale Model. I teach communication at a couple colleges and am a life coach in train

Amy Smith (The Gambler)

Amy Smith is a Nashville native who has been making music since age 3. Growing up, Amy studied voice, piano and guitar and spent her childhood and adolescent years doing opera, musical theater, show choir and vocal. Presently Amy is experiencing great success in her current band and does freelance makeup artistry. Recently, she was the choir director, makeup artist and cast member for a local concert production of Les Miserables whose cast was comprised of all local Nashville rock n roll musicians. She has taught vocals in the past at SGRRC and loved every minute.


Long before Jewly Hight wrote about music, she used to hole up in her bedroom playing her newly acquired cassette tapes or CDs over and over until she absorbed the song lyrics by osmosis and memorized the names of all the musicians in the liner notes. That’s where the obsession began.
Hight wrote a little for the school paper in high school, but got serious about it in college, covering the Arts & Culture beat on campus and publishing her first few professional pieces elsewhere. Then she moved to Nashville and worked in artist management, before switching to freelance music writing.

DJ Sean Maloney

Sean L. Maloney is a writer and DJ based in Nashville. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University’s Record Industry Management program, where he specialized in photocopying fliers and releasing records you’ve never heard of. He also booked shows, ran a vaguely-legal record store/venue and over-analyzed a lot of 70s Euro-prog. There was also a stint in the bowels of Music Row, but the less said about that the better. These days he can be found at home listening to records with his wife and cat or standing in the back of a nightclub taking notes on the music culture in Music City. You can find his insane scribblings in print in American Songwriter, Magnet Magazine, Nashville Scene and online at the Scene’s blogs Nashville Cream, Bites and Country Life.

Camera Shy Volunteers

Kari Ames, Hilary Blanenley, Kelsey Bridges, Don Chambliss, Andi Crooks, Jake Davis, Kyle Davis, Tim Durham, Dylan Ethier, Phillip Haas, Austin Hartsook, Patrick Howell Ryan Jennings, Liz Kidwell, Oliver Prince, Carter Routh, Dillon Smith, Page Steck, Peter Stinger-Hye, Kelsey Waldon

TNTRC & YEAH! would like to applaud all of our dedicated volunteers for making this camp possible!

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