TNTRC-Nashville Performer Line up

We have an awesome week of performances setup for our 2012 TNTRC Nashville Campers.


Scale Model

Scale Model is an indie rock/pop band based in Nashville, TN. They combine complex instrumental structure with unique, catchy vocal melodies to create a sound that transcends the staples of pop.
“Scale Model melds a meek collab of ‘70s power pop with ‘80s new wave. With tunes ranging from outright catchy to rather hummable, the female-fronted quartet’s humble presence is counter-pointed with a whirlwind of fuzz, synths and melody.”
-Nashville Scene

Interesting bit of info for ya…. Megan, the singer/keytar player, met Steve Cross at camp last summer, and now he’s Scale Model’s drummer! Whether you’re a volunteer or camper, you too can meet your future band mates at camp!

This should be the new slogan… TNTRC, where dreams come to fruition.

We can’t wait to play at camp this year!

Tuesday – Morning

Ella Mae Bowen

Ella Mae Bowen is a 16 year old singer songwriter from Wahalla, South Carolina. Ella Mae has been writing songs since the age of 11, and was signed to Big Machine Records (home of Taylor Swift) at the age of 15. She is currently recording her debut record, which will be out in 2013.
Ella Mae ‘s version of “Holding Out for a Hero” was featured in the Footloose Movie and Soundtrack, and her video has had over 1 million views on You Tube. She is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about new artists in country music.

Tuesday – Afternoon

Heavy Cream

When most of us think of Nashville, we think of sticky hot summers, leaky old trucks, tall grass and charming Southern delights we can eat on a wooden stick. But we’ve got our eye on the grimy, garage-punk outfit Heavy Cream.” So says fab mag Hearty. Hearty loves Heavy Cream, and we love Hearty! “Heavy Cream kick started their career with their 2010 debut LP smash Danny, which sent the band to immediate underground-darling status. The record presented the band as a powerhouse of catchy, sing-a-long punk with scrambled melodies and playful beats.”Oh, and in case you missed it, our friends at Red Bull just featured the girls as well. Check it!


Evan P. Donahue

“The most immediate comparison one is likely to make in describing fresh-faced local power-popper Evan P. Donohue is to Elvis Costello. And the reason isn’t just the glasses. Like the early material of the bespectacled king of brainy geek-rock, Donohue’s songs are literate hyper-pop anthems for the brokenhearted. The biggest difference is that where Costello espoused a palpable anger and bravado in his songwriting, Donohue has a carefree air of romanticism to his lovelorn pining. Fans of nervy awk-rock from favorites of the Stiff Records catalog to pre-Y2K Weezer should take notice.” – Nashville Scene


Kansas Bible Co.

The Kansas Bible Company came into being at Goshen College in Northern Indiana during the dog days of summer 2008. Through the years more college friends joined the band until it became the 11 man wrecking ball it is today. In the fall of 2011, the group moved into a recently evicted crack house in East Nashville, TN. After a month of scrubbing and painting the walls and floors, the KBC, along with two friends, established their current home, Hotel Chicamauga. Featuring a five-man horn line, three guitars, two percussionists and one bass, the KBC are stretching the boundaries of space and time. They are a culture. To walk with them is to know them. They are on a journey – to the stars through rugged ways.


D. Watusi

Well, we’ve got the first two singles out, time to go ahead and get that third one going. If you couldn’t guess from the photo up there, we’ll be doing a single from some of our favorite new bad boys, D. Watusi. They’ve been playing around town for the last little while and we’re proud to bring their first piece of wax to the table. Look for it to come out in early March [we’ll have a solid release date soon] It features the song “Summer Nights” on the A-side and the tracks “I Hate You” and “Weekend Delinquent” on the B-side. Sounds pretty killer, right? Right. As a special little treat, we’ve got a track for you off of it below. They’re working on lots of other new stuff that we can tell you about later, but do yourself a favor and go see them if you get the chance. THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.

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