TNTRC-Murfreesboro Awesome Performers

Tennessee Teens Rock Camp Murfreesboro Session ROCKED it last week! My favorite part of camp week (after the amazing camper showcase of course) are the band performances each day and this year we had some awesome performers!

On Monday, June 11 Jump Start Your Heart performed for us.

Jump Start Your Heart is a new up and coming Pop/Dance/Rock band from Nashville, TN. They formed in late 2010. Since then they have been been playing the Nashville scene and creating a buzz with their catchy unique sound and high energy stage shows. They are releasing their debut EP in Feb 2012.

Tuesday was the Rockin’ Mom and Dad

In regard to music, the parameters of the term “pop” have been stretched and tested and toyed with so thoroughly and for so long that it’s hard to know what, if anything, someone means when he or she describes a song or a band or an album as “pop.” But if we put commercial viability out of our minds for a moment — because pop is a sound, after all, and not a number — there’s a handful of attributes that have always accompanied pop music of all stripes: amalgamating various contemporary and bygone styles, a focus on melody and danceable rhythms. While locals Mom and Dad don’t emphasize pristine performances or the high-tech production commonly associated with pop music, 2011’s Cave Art is absolutely pop music. It’s sloppy, fuzzy, lo-fi and couched in aesthetics typically reserved for garage-rock bands — and, technically, Mom and Dad is of course a garage-rock band — but it’s insistent, catchy, upbeat music with undeniable power-pop melodies that could probably be called “happy” if they weren’t so youthfully angst-ridden.

Then on Wednesday our very own Rock Block Instructor, John Judkins, performed with his band “Laser Flames on the Great Big News”

Laser Flames on the Great Big News formed in Murfreesboro in 2009, but they’ve been playing music with each other in some shape or form since they were teenagers. With an emphasis on the heavier side of rock and roll, Laser Flames weave abrasive rhythms and distorted guitars alongside clean melodies and nimble musicianship.  They have a self-released ep, “Like That To It,” which was recently picked up by a record label in Canada and will be re-released this Summer. The members of Laser Flames on the Great Big News are teachers, nurses, parents, activists, volunteers, visual artists, multi-instrumentalists and world travelers. They really enjoy playing music together for several reasons, but most importantly they play because it is a source of joy in their lives. Laser Flames on the Great Big News look forward to continue creating new music together with no boundaries in the future. They encourage YOU to do the same. Let’s ROCK!!

Thursday was the amazingly talented Roman Polanski’s Baby

Roman Polanski’s Baby (RPB), was started in November of 2011 by MTSU students Katie Miller and Rachel Warrick.  Katie, a native of Athens, GA and a graduate of MTSU’s English program, writes RPB’s lyrics and performs vocals.  Rachel, a Nashville local and classically trained musician, writes the music and plays guitar.  Drummer Tom Campbell joined the band shortly after, and was replaced by Carter Hays in May of 2012.  Carter Hays also drums for Murfreesboro rock outfits Young Wolves and Baby Shaker .  This girl-fronted punk band has been playing the Murfreesboro house show scene since December and has had a number of venue performances scattered throughout.  They take pride in performing aggressive rock and showing that girls should be both seen and heard.

We finished out the week on Friday with a Secret Policeman’s Ball (featuring 2012 Co-Director of TNTRC and Nashville Rock Block Instructor, Nikki Oliff)

a Secret Policeman’s Ball started when Greg (vocals, guitar), Mike (bass), and Jesse (drums) finally took the “No Girls Allowed” sign off their club house and let Nikki (vocals, keyboards) read their comic books. After a legendary talent-show performance they decided to take the act on the road, ending up in Murfreesboro, TN where they continue to craft their “can’t quite put your finger on it” sound. They are currently writing new music and recording in their super-fancy home studio.

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